Northern Scholarships

Tlicho Scholarship Program

Basic Grant available to Tlicho student who are pursue in their education to college, university and institution as a full-time student.

$2,000.00 for Tlicho resident with dependent(s)

$1,500.00 for Tlicho student without dependent(s)

$1,000.00 for Non-resident Tlicho student with/without dependent(s)  

$3,000 for college students - 10 awards available by Diavik Diamond Mines

$5,000 for university students - 8 awards available by BHP/Diavik Diamond Mines


(1) Must be of Dogrib ancestry.

(2) Must submit a copy of official letter of acceptance into college, university of technical school.

(3) Must provide official transcript of grades from last year of study. This could be high school transcripts, GED marks, or transcripts from a post- secondary institution. Report cards or marks taken off the Internet are not acceptable.

(4) Must provide a personal letter describing personal career aspirations and academic program presently enrolled in or are entering into.

(5) Must provide two reference / support letters.
(6) Must complete scholarship application in full.

Important Notes:
Scholarships are awarded strictly to those with the highest grade point averages in each category.

Scholarships for high school students are also available.

Deadline Date: July 15th of each year.

For an application form or for more information, please contact:

Post Secondary Tlicho Scholarship Program
Tlicho Community Services Agency
 c/o Joe Beaverho, Program Manager
Bag #5
Behchoko, NT X0E-0Y0
Phone: (867) 392-3000
Fax: (867) 392-3001


Sahtu Renewable Resources Board

Value: depends on which year of post-secondary study the student will be in while holding the scholarship.

First Year $2000
Second Year $2500
Third & Fourth Year $3500
Graduate (MSc/PhD) $5000

The Sahtu Renewable Resources Board (SRRB) was established as part of the Sahtu Dene and Metis Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement, 1993. The SRRB serves as the main instrument of wildlife and forestry management for the Sahtu Settlement Area. The SRRB has established a scholarship/bursary program for students pursuing post-secondary education in a field related to the SRRB's mandate.

Eligibility: Pursuing a college diploma or university degree or minimum 2-year certificate program in renewable resources or a related filed (biology, forestry, or environmental science); priority to a Sahtu Dene or Metis enrolled under the land claim or to a NWT resident who has completed the last 2 years of their high school education in the Sahtu Settlement Area.
* Have a 70% (b-average) or higher in the last year of full-time study
* Minimum 2-year program of study
* Demonstrate financial need
* Must be a full-time student during tenure of the scholarship
* Must maintain a full course load during the tenure of the scholarship
* Evidence of student's involvement in the community
* Statement of future goals

Deadline Date: None

To obtain an application form, contact:

Sahtu Renewable Resources Board
P.O. Box 134
Tulita, N.W.T X0E 0K0
Phone: (867) 588-4040;
Fax: (867) 588-3324;

Canada Post Bursaries

Value: Varies.

These bursaries were established by the Canada Post Corporation to encourage promising northern Aboriginal students enrolled in diploma programs in Management Studies at Aurora College (Western Arctic) with campuses in Yellowknife, Inuvik, and Fort Smith; and Nunavut Arctic College (Eastern Arctic) with campuses in Iqaluit, Rankin Inlet and Cambridge Bay.

These bursaries are administered and presented by the colleges on behalf of Canada Post Corporation.

Eligibility: Applicants must: be of N.W.T. Aboriginal ancestry; be enrolled in the second year of study at one of the above-mentioned colleges; and demonstrate excellence in the first year of study. To apply, students must submit a brief biography and an official transcript from their first year of study along with references.

Aurora College Head Office
P.O.Box 1290
For Smith, N.W.T. X0E 0P0
Phone: (867) 872-7012
Nunavut Arctic College
P.O.Box 160
Iqaluit, N.W.T. X0A 0H0
Phone: (867) 979-4111

Department of Municipal and community affairs, Government of the Northwest Territories Igal Roth Memorial Community Planning Scholarship

Value: Three scholarships of $1,000.

The Department of Municipal and Community Affairs, Government of he Northwest Territories, is offering assistance to northerners who wish to pursue a career in
community planning.These scholarships are to assist qualifying students obtain post-secondary education in planning for potential employment in the Northwest Territories.

Eligibility: To be eligible for this scholarship,applicants must: have resided in the N.W.T. for at least two years; be attending an approved undergraduate university or college planning program; and show proof of acceptance into an approved planning program as a full-time student prior to commencement of classes.

Igal Roth Memorial Scholarship
Community Planning Division
Department of Municipal and Community Affairs
Government of the Northwest Territories
Yellowknife, N.W.T.
X1A 2L9

Métis Heritage Association Scholarships

Value: As follows:

1. Ted Trindell Memorial Scholarship $1,500
2. Lena Harrington Memorial Scholarship $1,000
3. Mary Firth Memorial Scholarship $1,000
4. Modeste Mandeville Memorial Scholarship $1,000
5. Harry Camsell Memorial Scholarship $1,000
6. Louis Mercredi Memorial Scholarship $1,000
7. Billy Bourque Memorial Scholarship Varies

Eligibility: Eligible applicants will be assessed by an awards selection committee based upon: academic merit; and financial need.

Interested applicants should submit the following:
A covering letter including any pertinent information the applicant feels is warranted; statement of intent including area of study,course load,why he or she enrolled in the discipline,benefit to self and community,and other information that will support his or her request for a scholarship; a letter stating Métis Local affiliation; a letter from the post-secondary institution signed by the registrar indicating year of enrollment and discipline of study; letters of reference from the instructors; and additional information the applicant feels is pertinent.

Deadline: Mid-October

Please note: We are trying to update the contact information - the phone and fax numbers listed are not in service.

Nunavut Implementation Training Committee Nunavut Beneficiaries Scholarships

Value: The award for each student in a full-time program will be allocated as follows:
1.Full-time degree program away from home $2,400 per year
2.Full-time diploma away from home $1,500 per year
3.Full-time degree or diploma program at home $1,000 per year

As an integral part of implementing he Nunavut Land Claims Agreement and building Nunavut,several Inuit organizations initiated a scholarship program to encourage Land Claims beneficiaries to pursue advanced education in selected fields related to business, management, resource management, community
development, culture and he social sciences.

The allocation of the scholarships is done on a regional basis based upon he proportion of the beneficiaries and contributions received. If the region does not allocate all seats in that region,unused seats are allocated by the Nunavut Implementation Training Committee on the regional needs basis.

Eligibility: To be eligible for these scholarships,applicants must meet he following criteria: be enrolled as a beneficiary in the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement; be enrolled in (or accepted by)a recognized,full-time, accredited university or college degree or certificate program of at least two years duration; be considered a full-time student in a chosen program; maintain a full course load for the program; have maintained an overall average of 65%in the previous year of academic studies undertaken; and maintain an overall average of 75%while receiving the scholarship.

Deadline: August 1; December 1

Nunavut Implementation Training Committee
P.O.Box 469
Rankin Inlet, Nunavut X0C 0G0
Phone: (867) 645-2888
Fax: (867) 645-3878

Skookum Jim Trust Fund Education Bursary - Yukon College

Value: Four bursaries of $500.

Eligibility: Four bursaries are awarded based on financial need as
well as good standing. A signature from one of the Admissions staff is required to confirm your standing.

Applicants must: be students of Yukon Aboriginal ancestry; be enrolled as full or part-time students; be enrolled in a developmental studies or pre-employment training/trades; and include a breakdown of personal budget with completed application.(Budget to show total monthly income and monthly expenses.)

Deadline: February 28

Registrar 's Office
Yukon College
500 College Drive
Whitehorse,Yukon Y1A 5K4
Phone: (867) 668-8710

Chief George Kodakin (Behcho) Environment Scholarship

Award: $1,000 / year (2 awards at $500 each)

Deadline: None.

Eligibility: Student of Dene descent entering or continuing post-secondary education in science, environment or resource management field. Based on satisfactory academic performance, school and community involvement, and financial need.

Information: Phone: (867) 873-4081

Association of Canadian Universities for Northern Studies/Association
Universitaire Canadienne d'Études Nordiques (ACUNS/AUCEN)

Canadian Northern Studies Trust Awards Program

Award opportunities vary from year to year

Award opportunities are posted to the website in October

Guidelines and applications are available from the website:

Only current applications are accepted

Deadline for all applications is January 31

Canadian Northern Studies Trust Awards include:

Canadian Northern Studies Trust Scholarship ($10,000)

Canadian Polar Commission Schoarlship ($10,000)

Research Support Opportunity in Arctic Environmental Studies (In kind  support)

Caribou Research Award ($1,000)

Royal Canadian Geographical Society Studentships in Northern Geography
(Masters $5,0000, PhD $5,000)

Special Bursary for Northern Residents ($2,000)

Northern Resident Scholarship ($10,000)

Information and applications:
Web Site:


Canada's Northern Scientific Training Program

Funds are available to Canadian universities with an officially recognized institute or committee for northern studies to help support students. (Priority is given to graduate students.) However, senior undergraduate students entering their final year and intending to undertake an honour's thesis based on northern field work or research which will be continued in subsequent graduate studies are also eligible. Post-doctoral students are not supported.

The program helps pay for transportation and living costs while obtaining practical field work experience in Canada's north, developing interest and expertise on northern issues, and improving research skills.

You are eligible to apply if you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident enrolled in a Canadian university and are interested in northern studies with field experience in Canada's north.

For more information, contact: Indian and Northern Affairs Canada Northern Scientific Training Program Committee, Sectoral Policy Division
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H4

Phone: (819) 997-0660
Fax: (819) 994-6419

Ted Trindell Memorial Scholarship

Presented to Aboriginal students of the Northwest Territories enrolled in full-time studies in the faculty of their choice.

Value: Five scholarships of $1,000.

Eligibility: Métis or Non-Status Indian of the Northwest Territories.

Good academic standing.

Financial need.

Deadline: March 8th

Métis Heritage Association Memorial Scholarship Fund
Box 1375
Yellowknife, N.W.T. X1A 2P1
Phone: (867) 873-2878
Fax: (867) 873-3395

Billy Bourque Memorial Scholarship - Métis Nation - Northwest Territories

Description: To assist Métis and Non-Status Indians from the Northwest Territories to pursue studies in aviation.

Value: One scholarship of $5,000

Eligibility: N/A

Duration: N/A

Métis Heritage Association Memorial Scholarship Fund
Box 1375
Yellowknife, N.W.T. X1A 2P1
Phone: (867) 873-2878
Fax: (867) 873-3395

Memorial Scholarships - Métis Nation - Northwest Territories

To assist Métis and Non-Status Indians from the Northwest Territories to pursue post-secondary education full-time.

Value: Five awards of $1,000 each and one award of $1,500

Eligibility: Métis or Non-Status Indian.
Academic achievement.
Financial need.

Duration: N/A

Deadline: Varies

Métis Heritage Association Memorial Scholarship Fund
Box 1375
Yellowknife, N.W.T. X1A 2P1
Phone: (867) 873-2878
Fax: (867) 873-3395