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AMMSA Company Directory

The Aboriginal Multi-Media Society

13245 - 146 Street
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
T5L 4S8

Phone: (780) 455-2700
Fax: (780) 455-7639

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Board and Staff

June - 2016

AMMSA Board of Directors

President:  Leona Shandruk

Vice President:
Rose Marie Willier

: Dr. Chester Cunningham

Secretary: Noel McNaughton

 Elmer Ghostkeeper

Jennie Cardinal

Director: Rhonda Lizotte

Please read a tribute to former AMMSA Board Member:
Joe P Cardinal.


Bert Crowfoot
CEO, Publisher and Founder


Paul Macedo,
Director of Publishing Operations
Phone ext. 249
market [at]

Debora Steel
Contributing News Editor - Windspeaker
Email: dsteel [at]

Debora Steel
Contributing News Editor - Raven's Eye
Email: dsteel [at]

Shari Narine
Contributing News Editor - Alberta Sweetgrass
Email: sweetgrass [at]

Shari Narine
Contributing News Editor - Saskatchewan Sage
Email: sage [at]

Phone ext. 507
news [at]

Production Coordinator
Phone ext. 231
adsfinal [at]

Marketing and Sales

Paul Macedo,
Director of Marketing
Phone ext. 249
market [at]

Shirley Olsen,
Communications Consultant
National Sales
Phone ext. 244
shirleyo [at]

Accounting/ Reception

Carol Russ
Financial Director
Phone ext. 305

Tanis Jacob
Accounts Clerk
Phone ext. 202
accounting [at]

Sandra Crowfoot
Reception / Circulation
ext. 500
reception [at]


CFWE - Radio

Bert Crowfoot
General Manager
Phone ext. 302
bert [at]

Boyd Leader
Director of Radio
Phone  ext. 501
boyd [at]

Anna Giles
Radio Bingo Manager
Phone ext. 205
anna [at]

Wally Desjarlais
Phone ext. 508
wally [at]

Dustin McGladrey
Swing Announcer / Production
Phone ext. 515
dustin [at]

Jeremy Harpe
Phone ext. 253
jeremy [at]

Warren Berg
CFWE Radio Sales
Phone ext. 307
warren [at]

Jeremy Harpe
Ad Production
Phone ext. 253
jeremy [at]