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Windspeaker Cover - November No.1 2016


Windspeaker Cover - October No.2 2016

Free digital edition: October 2016

 Windspeaker Cover - March 2016

Free digital edition: March 2016

Windspeaker, Canada's National Aboriginal News Source is published by the Aboriginal Multi-Media Society (AMMSA) that serves Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal readers throughout Canada, and increasingly, around the world. As Windspeaker begins its 30th year of publishing, it is firm in its commitment to maintain a current, relevant, objective and independent viewpoint while reporting news, and providing information, current affairs and entertainment features with the utmost accuracy.

Starting April 2016 Windspeaker will be published 24 times each year.

Each issue Windspeaker also includes:

Alberta Sweetgrass - a special section with Alberta news

Raven's Eye - a special section with BC and Yukon news

Saskatchewan Sage - a special section with Saskatchewan news

Ontario Birchbark a special section with Ontario news.

Special seasonal inserts also include the Aboriginal Scholarship Guide (May); Guide to Powwow Country (June);

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