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Freelancer's Guidelines

So, you want to write for Windspeaker...

The Aboriginal Multi-Media Society publishes six publications:

Windspeaker - national - monthly distributed throughout Canada

Alberta Sweetgrass - Alberta - monthly distributed throughout Alberta

Saskatchewan Sage - Saskatchewan - monthly distributed throughout Saskatchewan

Ontario Birchbark - Ontario - monthly distributed as an insert in Windspeaker

BC Raven's Eye - British Columbia - monthly distributed as an insert in Windspeaker

All AMMSA publications include news, sports, arts and entertainment, reviews and features about Aboriginal people and their communities.

We do sometimes accept stories on spec, but it's a better idea to e-mail the editors and pitch the idea first.

Unfortunately, we are NOT interested in poetry or fiction.

Deadline, story focus and length will be set by the editor when the story is assigned. Most stories should be between 500 and 800 words.

All stories should be submitted with photographs and caption information-who, what where, why, when and how of the picture.

AMMSA does accept stand-alone photos.

All photographs should be shot in color.

We prefer high resolution photos be sent via e-mail.

If you send an electronic file, it must be a minimum of 200 dpi at 4 (four) inches by 6 (six) inches. Cover photos will need to be 200 dpi at 8 (eight) inches by 10 (ten) inches.

Freelancer's payments will be issued within 7 days following publication of the story. If a story is assigned, but not published immediately (banked for future use), payment will be issued prior to publishing.

A freelancer can expect to be paid $3.60 per published inch for a single source story and $4.15 for a multi-source story. All articles published by AMMSA will also be made available online on AMMSA websites and distributed online through third party partners.

For a front page photo in Windspeaker, the rate is $100, and $75 for front page photos in any of our other publications. Inside photos are paid at $25 per photo published.

AMMSA pays only pre-approved expenses of writers on assignment. Original receipts are required.

If AMMSA assigns a story, that story is copyrighted as AMMSA property. It is not to be reproduced in any other publication without the consent of the AMMSA editor.

If a freelancer generates a story idea and that story is accepted for publication in an AMMSA paper, that story, in that form, becomes the property of AMMSA and may not be sold to any other publication without the consent of the AMMSA editor.

If a freelance writer wants to sell a story on the same event or subject to more than one publication and AMMSA has accepted the story for publication, the story to be sold elsewhere must be substantially different in form and may not be submitted to any publication defined by AMMSA as sharing the same market area as AMMSA unless approval from the editor is sought. If a story that has appeared in AMMSA is found in another publication, AMMSA will not pay the freelancer for that story.

The above does not apply to assigned stories. They are exclusively AMMSA property.

AMMSA may use the story in any or all of the newspapers it publishes, and a writer will be compensated at half the rate for any use over the use of the story in the first publication.

For example: If your single source story appears in Windspeaker, you would receive $3.60 per published inch. If that story appears in Windspeaker, and is picked up by Alberta Sweetgrass, you will receive an additional $1.80 per published inch for the work. And on it goes for each of the AMMSA papers that pick up the story.

AMMSA follows CP style, with a few idiosyncrasies. Read the paper to get an idea of what we expect.

NOTE: All articles that are published in the paper version of our publications are also made available online at and are distributed via third party online distribution services. If you object to having your material marketed/distributed in this way, please let the editor know. Your objection to this may impact our ability to assign you articles and the amount of work you can contribute.

Any requests from publishers (periodical, textbook etc) to reprint freelance materials will be directed back to the freelancer for approval - as AMMSA does not own or control those rights.

Any compensation for online subscriptions/payments of articles written by freelancers will be shared with the freelancer as follows: 50% of payments received by AMMSA specifically attributable to a freelancer will be shared with the originating freelance writer.

These freelance payments will be disbursed once funds accumulate to a level greater than $50.00.

For more information on this please contact Paul Macedo (780) 455-2700 ext. 249



Windspeaker Contributing News Editor
E-mail Debora Steel at dsteel [at]

Raven's Eye Contributing News Editor
E-mail Debora Steel at dsteel [at]

Ontario Birchbark Contributing News Editor
E-mail Debora Steel at dsteel [at]


Alberta Sweetgrass Contributing News Editor

E-mail Shari Narine at sweetgrass [at]

Saskatchewan Sage Contributing News Editor
E-mail Shari Narine at sage [at]

All other enquires:
E-mail Paul Macedo at news [at]