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Cree Elder to lecture for Strathcona Archaeological Society

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Compiled by Shari Narine







Jerry Saddleback travels wherever he is invited, to share the stories, language, culture, ceremonies, songs and Story of Creation to all members of the Plains Cree family and other nations. (Photo: facebook.com/StrathconaArchaeologicalSociety)


October 18, 2016. Jerry Saddleback, the Dean of Cultural Programs and Elder-in-Residence for Maskwacîs Cultural College, in Maskwacîs, will be delivering the monthly lecture for the Strathcona Archaeological Society, on Thursday. He was born and raised in Samson Cree Nation by his father, a prominent Elder in the community. Jerry was exposed to many Elders throughout his early childhood and was taught the Cree language, stories and ceremonies. He used his education and Cree language skills to do ground-breaking field research for the Confederacy of Treaty Six interviewing numerous Elders on language, culture, ceremonies, songs and the Cree Story of Creation. He is one of a handful of people who knows the Origins of Cree Syllabics. All talks are scheduled to take place in the Archaeology lab of the downtown Edmonton MacEwan campus.