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Littlechild faces suit over GST


Amy Santoro, Windspeaker Staff Writer, Wetaskiwin Alta.







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Canada's first Native MP is being sued for not representing his constituents' opposition to the Goods and Services Tax in Parliament, says a party to the suit.

"We're upset because he didn't consider the way we, the people he represents, feel about the GST," says ErinWall of Rimbey.

Wall, along with seven other anti-GST voters, signed a statement of claim against Wetaskiwin MP Willie Littlechild in the Court of Queen's Bench in Wetaskiwin Nov. 6.

The statement of claim says Littlechild "failed in his duty to consult with and account to his constituents to adequately represent their majority views in voting in favor of the government's GST.

Wall says her community of 1,700 recently provided Littlechild with a 1,200 name petition outlining their disapproval of the GST.

"We have to stand up to the system. Mr. Littlechild knows the majority of his constituents don't want the tax,, so he shouldn't have to vote the PC line."

The statement of claim asks the court to order Little child "to account to the plaintiffs and his constituents for his actions I Parliament."

Wall says he wants the judge "to order Littlechild to tell his party he cannot support the GST because his constituents don't"

Wall, however, stresses she does not want the Tory MP to resign.

Littlechild could not be reached for comment.

A University of Alberta political science professor says the plaintiffs will be "very disappointed in the outcome of the case."

Allan Tupper says it would be extremely unlikely for a judge to rule against Littlechild because such a ruling "would alter our whole political system.

"It's an argument that has existed ever since democracy as we know it began. That is, must a politician always vote with the majority view, which is not always correct, or does he use his own discretion at times?"

Tupper says the lawsuit will "simply function as an embarrassing tactic aimed at Littlechild."