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Our Pick: Tracy Bone: Women of Red


Review by K. Kanten







Artist—Tracy Bone
Song—Woman of Red
Album—Woman of Red


Tracy Bone is a well known Aboriginal songstress from Manitoba and this 7 song cd has only one downside. Seven songs isn’t enough. If you are tuned into an Aboriginal radio network, you are now likely familiar with the lively and confident opening track of This Ol’ Habit where Tracy exercises her vocal power in an instant hit song classic. Back In Love is a song done as a duet with her life partner and established music artist, J.C. Campbell, that clearly demonstrates the passion for each other a well as for a great love song. This musical dual have be leaders who have blazed a trail for many years in Manitoba as part of the immerging contemporary Aboriginal music scene. This cd has all the flavor of a solid new country release and the title track, Woman Of Red, pays tribute to proud Aboriginal women and the struggle they have lived and endured. Often studio recordings miss the mark in capturing the true quality of an artist we see in live performances but this release is confident, musically well executed and the sound production is first rate. All the passion and experience Tracy has under her belt as a performing artist has come together in this short collection of songs, from its blistering opening track to its soulful ending track. Its time Tracy Bone was performing alongside Canada’s other top country music stars across the country rather than Manitobans getting exclusive access to the power of this Woman of Red.